• Knowledge isn’t something we do in addition to the solving problems, knowledge is the WAY we solve problems

  • Traditional support channels like the Service Desk see less than 3% of the total demand for customer support.

  • If an issue is worth solving then it’s worth capturing in your knowledge base.

  • Capture, Structure, Reuse and Improve knowledge as a bi-product of daily support activities. 

  • Knowledge is information upon which we can act on.

  • The role of support is to connect people to content for KNOWN issues and connect people to people for NEW issues.

  • KCS is a methodology that focuses on knowledge as a key asset of the organization.

  • We should capture knowledge once and reuse it often.

  • KCS seeks to: Create articles as a by-product of resolving issues.

  • KCS seeks to: Develop a knowledge base of our collective experience to-date.

  • KCS seeks to: Evolve articles based on demand and usage.

  • KCS seeks to: Recognize people’s ability to learn, collaborate, share and improve.

  • 70% of support demand is redundant, 70% of all issues coming into the support desk have been solved before.

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