KCS 0.4 Knowledge Is All About People (Knowledge Centered Support)

Knowledge Is All About People

Many people have asked, “Where does Technology fit into KCS?”

Now technology has its place, but it’s primarily about people, this is because people are the source of knowledge. KCS has proven that Support Analysts are the best people to capture and maintain support knowledge because they are the people who actually use it every day.

So I want to stress the point that it’s more about the People than the technology, even with the best technical solution people can still choose NOT to capture knowledge, and the opposite is true, I’ve personally seen KCS work effectively even without high quality automated toolsets.

Capture Hearts and Minds Before Capturing Knowledge

It’s important to avoid this becoming a ‘technology thing’, if the hearts and minds of your support organization treat knowledge as their primary asset, they will capture knowledge regardless of how ‘clunky’ the toolset is. The reuse of knowledge will quickly cancel out any inconvenience or overhead caused due to the lack of automation. This is why process is so important, defining knowledge management objectives, KPIs and Metrics, coupled with monitoring and reporting to help govern the knowledge management process, will ensure continual improvement.

Know Your Stuff Before Knowing Tools

Now that I’ve labored on this point, I want to speak candidly. Technology may not be the major contributor, but I have seen it become a major inhibitor. Please be careful with your tool selection, ensuring you’ve have checked off the ‘people and process’ components before you select your toolset (Product).

Integration is the key, integrating the components of Service Management, that being the people, processes and technology, all work together to create optimal performance.


As shown in KCS Version 5.3 Knowledge-Centered Support Practices Guide (2012) S1[1:4-7]KCS v5.3 was written and edited by KCS v5.3 was written and edited by Melissa George, David Kay,Greg Oxton, Rick Joslin, Jennifer MacIntosh, and Kelly Murray.



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